Blumaan Monarch Matte Paste 2pack

Blumaan Monarch Matte Paste 2pack

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What is it?
A matte paste that offers ultra weightless control with a medium-high intensifying hold. Creating and defining texture has never been easier with Monarch Matte Paste. Its extreme smooth application gives you the control you need with zero tug or pull, allowing you to re-style your hair throughout the day. A versatile product for any style - Quiff or Slick Back.

What does Monarch Matte Paste provide?

  • Weightless controlto keep your hair from being weighed down
  • Medium to high intensity holddepending on how much you use and your hair type
  • Smooth applicationwithout tugging or pulling for headache free application
  • Creates tons ofdefinition and texture

In a poll of Monarch Matte Paste users...

  • 100% testers agreed that the product didn’t weigh their hair down
  • 100% testers agreed that there is minimal to no tugging upon application
  • 80% testers felt the product gave a strong, lasting hold, while only 3/15 thought it was a medium or light medium for their hair

Key Ingredients:

Shea Butter- Nourishes hair with antioxidants
and provides a creamy texture.

Kaolin -Absorbs excess hair oil to give a super matte finish while providing texture and volume.

Bentonite- Contains minerals that are essential for hair growth